"Hands on approach with hands on experience"
We offer financial and accounting services to provide our clients with timely, accurate and customized financial reports saving them the hassle of establishing an accounting department, regulating internal control activities and administering financial reporting processes. For small businesses we offer free accounting software which we will setup and monitor.
We offer:
• Bookkeeping services
• Financial reports compliation
• Compilation of Financial Statements
• Payroll services
• Financial advisory
• Feasability study
• Tax planning & filing
• Tax advisory
• Business plans
Business owners and sometimes the management team need a bird’s eye view to their business in order to ensure that all risks are being accounted for and all opportunities are being considered. In addition to this, they need to make sure that all their processes and procedures are efficiently attaining their objectives yet flexible to adapt to the changing environment. In this regard, we help businesses mitigate their risks, exploit new opportunities and restructure their organization to achieve the best outcome.
In our strive to provide our clients with all the assistance they need to efficiently manage their business and focus on the value adding activities of their human capital, we provide HR solutions. We provide solutions to businesses to accommodate for the rising trend to outsource support activities to professionals with the experience and tools needed to get the job done.
• Interim management
• Human resources administrative support
• IT-Support
• Marketing support
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