"Hands on approach with hands on experience"
Accurate Curaçao, founded in 2004, is not just your bookkeeping and administration office. We do have bookkeepers, and we do payroll, but it is also other activities that we can help you with. We can provide our clients with timely, accurate and customized financial reports saving them the hassle of establishing an accounting department, regulating internal control activities and administering financial reporting processes. We can setup a free accounting software for small businesses and guide you in the process of setting up the software. We use advanced IT technology to run our software to ensure quality and compliance, and effective communication with our clients. We report monthly to help our clients make informed decisions.Our variety is quite extensive and with our in-house experts or even outside expertise, we can become not only an extension of your business, but actually your partner.
We will deliver our promise of exceptional dedication with professional due care and ethical standards. We are proud of the work that we have accomplished while supporting our clients, and continually strive to maintain our commitment to delivering high quality, professional services.
As the marketplace changes daily and so do the players, we continuously monitor activity, and we interpret developments as they occur and advise our clients accordingly. Our clients benefit from personalized counsel that is innovative, timely and cost-effective. No one knows your business better than you do. But there's always room to learn more.
We can identify processes, procedures and tasks and help you implement them. With our marketing and logistics background, it is easy to find and understand bottle necks and together we will work on solutions, strategies and goals and thus build on a solid company.
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